How to change your PLDT MyDSL router’s name and password

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  1. Tala says:

    Hi this works for me. But once the router restarts, for example, there’s power interruption, bumabalik yung old password. Na apply ko naman yung changes.

  2. raymondper says:

    Hi tala. after changing the password. log in ka ulet. then dun sa ibaba.. click SAVE CHANGES (or something like that). Otherwise, babalik ulet sa dating password,

    • arose says:

      same happened to me.i tried to change the password and name.pero after a day, bumalik uli sa pre set.and di lumabas yung onkeyup.

  3. arashane says:

    How can i change it ?by using a computer?? Or what?

  4. jas says:

    is it applicable kahit wala ako sa bahay, i mean, nasa office kasi ako and i saw a video na pwede pala maka connect yung iba kung yung ‘default’ ang gamit mong password. For i.e pldtwifi12345, kukuhanin lang yung ip mo using a particular app, then papalitan lang yung i.p. etc. tapos voila ayun, makaka connect na sila.

    Need help :( di din ako maka tawag sa pldt, nadidirect lang ako sa instruction ng robot nila hehehe :p E prob ko pa, wala kaming laptop so di ko talaga mapapalitan.

  5. bob says:

    paano nmn po yung kayo kayo lng po yung mkkconnect khit mkuha nla yung pass??

  6. TestSubject says:

    Bakit walang security tab pag inaccess.
    san makikita ung security > wireless to change wifi password….
    nag iba na ba ng UI interface tong PLDT

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