How to change your PLDT MyDSL router’s name and password

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58 Responses

  1. anna says:

    bakit po pag ipad gamit ko di nababasa or di ko makikita yung wifi? paano po ba yun? thank you.

  2. What is the requirements for activation of ndd so can process it thnk you pls reply me

  3. prinsesa says:

    hi! I tried it sa modem ko pero di ko makita yung apply changes button. Parang old school ung Web config ko. Nasa side ung menu buttons :( I tried ung inspect element, nababago ko ung name pero di ko naman masave

  4. dawn says:

    thank you..this really helped..

  5. Ivy framo says:

    Pwede po bang iPad mini ang gmitin para mkpg change password?

  6. Jo says:

    Thank you for sharing this info, I was able to change mine.

  7. Ada Manas says:

    can i change my wifi’s password through an iphone? How? Thanks!

  8. Fern says:

    thank you for this. but i still can’t change the name of the router. I tried the instructions of inspect element and change attribute and even called my husband if i’m doing it right as instructed, yet it won’t work. Nevertheless, I was able to change the password and that’s all what I want to do. so informative, thanks again.

  9. Guendalyn Comahig says:

    hi paano mag change ng pasword s modem sa wifi………..

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