Oops… Philippines Customs did it again

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  1. WeDontNeedSexCozGovt.FuckUsEveryday! says:

    Buti na lang nalaman ko ang ganitong shit na tax ng gobyerno magoorder kc sana ako ng tablet online ayun pala kahalati ng binili ko ang kukurakutin lang ng mga buwaya sa gobyerno.Tangina This

  2. hystrix says:

    i also got the same treatment… my gf in US sent me a gadget as a gift… it was already opened because she used it herself but the customs insisted that i should pay duties as if it were being imported. it cost me roughly about 1500 pesos. and yes, he didn’t show me the breakdown also, just a summary of what i need to pay… not explaining anything in particular…

  3. Vi says:

    I wonder what happens if you blatantly lie on the declaration. Say you send an iPod and declare it as P500 in value.

    My (now) wife got dinged by the Philippine Customs by P2000 for a P4000 netbook I sent before. The post office did not provide an official receipt.

    It’s funny on how they can come up with all these “fees”. I’m a Customs Broker here in Canada and we have a tariff system that is PUBLISHED. The customs department there in the Philippines probably don’t even know their tariff codes at all.

    Philippine Customs is a joke. Same old system: BULOK. Kaya di-uunlad Pilipinas kahit kailan…NEVER.

  4. teem says:

    I was appointed sole agent/representative for the Philippines by a British manufacturer of Copper and Magnetic bracelet. Last Dec 2, he sent me some samples and catalogs as part of my marketing program. I understand that samples sent by foreign suppliers declared as SAMPLE WITH NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, are tariff free thru UPS-DELBROS INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS ,LTD., INC. To my surprise i was charge the amount of Php 1,790.00.
    I inquired from UPS people and requested an explanation, according to them those are the charges from custom duty.
    I just wonder why this amount so big, I have samples requested from China and the charges was only Php 500 plus. My big problem is when my supplier from UK sent me again catalog/literature thru UPS, and to my surprise when the delivery man asked me to pay him Php515.00 as custom duty.
    Do I have really to pay for this literature/catalog for its custom duty? Please help?
    Thank you

  5. hayoptalagaanggobyernongpinas says:

    may package ako.. fedex ang courier.. 10days nang delay ngayon.. pagdating may storage fee na P1,102.. bukod pa sa tax na P2,336… WATDAPAK! delayed na nga! chacharge pa ng storage fee!!! at parang bang sa hotel natulog ang pakage ko sa sobrang mahal!
    mataas na nga ang tax ang mahal pa ng storage na hindi ko naman fault! hindi ko tinanggap.. sabi ko alisin nila yung storage fee na yun..
    hanggang ngayon nasa kanila pa din package ko! tsk tsk.. grabe!

  6. toink says:

    Yung Linux Ubuntu CD ko na free from U.S., 120 pesos siningil sakin. Watdapak!

  7. Noona says:

    ay naku…kahit sa DHL or FEDEX or other private couriers pa gamitin mo para magpadala ka from international to pinas, may customs pa rin na makikialam…mga pakelamerong customs. dapat tanggalin na lang ang customs dept. dagdag singil lang sila!

    • Paul says:

      They are mandated to do that. All articles being imported are subject for Customs duties and taxes. Ayon sa batas. Makakasuhan sila pag di nila ginawa ang trabaho nila. What i think will do ay amyendahan ang batas. :)

  8. Noona says:

    dapat gawan to ng petition…at ipa Tulfo!

  9. Paul says:

    1. I dont think binayaran mo yung fixed charges ng twice. Yung first computation ay computation for Customs Duty:
    Customs Duty = Dutiable Value * Rate of Duty %
    *Dutiable Value = (Cost + Insurance + Freight + other charges if any)
    next part of Computation ay for VAT:
    VAT = total landed cost *12%
    *Total landed cost = Customs Duty + Dutiable Value + Import Proc. Fee + Cutoms Stamp + BIR Stamp
    last part ay yung Summary.
    Hindi dahil lumabas sa second part yung fixed charges ay ibigsabihin doble yung binayaran mo. Kasama lang talaga sa percentage ng VAT yung fixed. Sa unang tingin mukha talagang may kababalaghan pero kung pagaaralan natin. Magets din natin. hehe. Kung makikita mo nga, yung customs Duty maliit lang. Yun talaga ang napupunta sa customs. Ang nagpapalaki talaga ay yung VAT na napupunta naman sa BIR. :)

    2. Yung mga customs policy. Kung ano yung mga items na dapat itax, kung gaano kalaki ang tax, o kung paano icompute yung mga tax na yan ay hindi nakasalalay sa customs. Yan ay batas na finormulate ng mga mambabatas noon pa. Kaya wala rin talaga magagawa ang customs. Mandated sila eh. Ang dapat nating kulitin dito ay ang mga mambabatas natin. Kasi sila ang may kapangyarihan na amyendahan ang mga policies na ito. Pwede natin ireklamo ang customs kung mali ang pagkacompute nila sa tax. for example, yung rate of duty. Kung yung sapatos na pinadala mo ay 5% lang dapat ang rate of duty pero nailagay ng customs na 10%, sa ganyan sitwasyon pwede tayong magreklamo. Paano natin machechek kung tama ang rate of duty na nilagay nila? you check here: http://finder.tariffcommission.gov.ph/

    (hindi po sa pinatatangol ko ang customs. Gusto ko lang talaga kahit papano makita ng tao kung saan talaga ang problema. Tsaka para narin maliwanagan yung ibang tao na nagbabasa dito kahit papano. Pero kunsa tingin mo walang kwenta to, idelete mo nalang yung comment ko. hehe)

    • Czarina says:

      Hi Paul! I would like to ask if you have an idea of the simplified version of computing custom tax? Hehe. Medyo complicated kasi yung nababasa ko. For example, I’ve ordered items from other country that is P3000 in total.

      Hope to hear from you! :) Hehe

  10. asli ro ishra says:

    hi…suppose yung freight and insurance it not extracted sa declare value ng articles, how can we extracted through CV?

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